Doodle maker review 2021 [Unexposed truths]

Doodle maker review:

If you are looking for an unbiased review about Doodle Maker which saves your money. You had landed on a perfect review page.

Doodle Maker reviews
Doodle Maker reviews

In this review post, I am going to give clarity on the following topics related on Best Doodle Video Maker in the market.

  1. What is Doodle videos? 
  2. Uses of Doodle Videos?
  3. What is Doodle Maker?
  4.  Creators of Doodle Maker
  5. What are the features of Doodle Maker?
  6. How does Doodle maker work?
  7. Types of videos you can create with Doodle Maker
  8. Who can use Doodle Maker?
  9. What is the price of the Doodle maker?
  10.  Experiences of existing Doodle Maker users
  11.  Doodle Maker features and Price Variations
  12. Pros and Cons of Doodle Maker
  13. Frequently Asked Questions Related to Doodle maker
  14. Final Verdict on Doodle Maker
  15.  Coupons and Offers on Doodle Maker

What are you waiting for? Let’s go through each and every section

1. What is Doodle videos?

Doodle Videos are the animated videos which are used to create promotional videos for Business and eBook reviews. These videos are also known as White board videos.

In Doodle videos,  the images are drawn on White Board which increase engagement of the viewer than normal slide show. You can add message as voice over in these videos.

2. What is the use of Doodle Videos?

Doodle videos are widely using for presenting business ideas, book reviews, stories and fun facts in an engaging format. A lot of Freelancers, Youtubers and online entrepreneur are earning in Lakh by creating Doodle videos for Businesses, Tutorial videos and for monetizing Youtube Channel.

You can see the  TOP YOUTUBE CHANNELS who are earning lakhs with Doodle videos below

The above mentioned Channel is making $300- $5500 every month with summary of Ebook made with Doodle maker. You can check the Youtube channel stats with Social blade chrome extension

Channel stats on Youtube channel
Channel stats on YouTube channel

3. What is Doodle Maker?

Doodle maker
Doodle maker

Doodle Maker is an Artificial Intelligence based  tool which made the process of making doodle videos simple and easy.

You don’t need to work hard in searching royalty free images  and arranging layers on the timeline. This well-designed doodle maker provides you Thousands of royalty free images and easy to use timelines in a way that non-technical designer can create engaging content without any hassle.

You can also make money through YouTube and Freelancing services with the help of Doodle Video maker.

4. Who are the creators of Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker creators Doodle Maker Review
Doodle Maker creators Doodle Maker Review

Doodle maker was designed and developed by online entrepreneur and Internet App developer  Paul Ponna along with his co-founder Sid Diwar.

They identified problems in creating engaging videos without having designing skills and high demand for doodle videos in the space of YouTube monetization.

To solve this problem, they combined Artificial Intelligence with simple user interface + High quality Ready made images in which they succeed in the world of doodle video makers.

There are many other tools which you can use to make doodle videos, but they failed to convert non designing guy into High quality doodle video maker.

5. What are the features of Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker providing Ready made templates, creating tools and features that surprises its users. Let’s see the features in detail

1. Ready Made Templates:

In Doodle maker, you will find 300+ templates and HD quality images to make engaging videos for your audiences. You can select the best templates which suits your requirement  or that conveys your message perfectly to your audience.

start from scratch

If you feel and want to create your own templates for your audience, you can build without any struggle with Start from Scratch option


Use Ready made templates

2. Text to Speech Convertor which supports 60 languages:

Text to speech and  speech to text convertor in Doodle maker helps you to create videos in multiple languages without hiring people. You can also reuse your previous video content by adding voiceover with this AI video translation Engine.

AI based Video Translation engine
AI based Video Translation engine

3. Full HD Quality Video:

The quality of the video is more important while making video in this digital era, you cannot engage the audience without low quality and distorting video content. We will definitely see a day when online users consume video content in 4K quality on a regular basis.

Doodle maker providing you feature to export any of your videos in 1080 px which helps you provide quality content to your audience.

4. Photo to Sketch Convertor:

You know How engaging it would be if someone sketching a photo in front of our Eyes. Doodle maker provided you features to convert normal photo into sketch in seconds, With the help of this feature, you can increase watch time of your YouTube content.

5. AI power Male and Female voice:

male and female voice
male and female voice

Ai powered male and Female voice system convertors your script into engaging a message without your involvement. You can choose best voice for your video which will engage the audience more.

6. Voice Recorder:

If you want to try your own voice for the videos, you can do it with the help of the voice recorder. 

7 Add your own water mark:

Getting a doodle market without water maker at best price is difficult. If you see other video making tools like animator, you have to pay $10 every month, it use video without water mark.

But you can get videos without water mark.

8.In built Video Transitions:

When it comes to creating a video by attaching the video clips doesn’t need an expert but creating engaging video with creative video transitions need skill. In Doodle maker you will find Inbuilt transitions which helps you and your team in making engaging content by simply drag and drop transitions.

9. Royalty free Icons and Photo API:

Finding the Best and royalty free image or icon that can convey your message is the important and difficult while creating engaging videos, Here in this doodle maker, you will have Pixabay API which reflect all the free images of Pixabay inside the platforms, you just have to search and pickup the best image that’s suits your message.

10. Al Translation Engine:

Translating content from one language to another language will consume and money. You have to spend nearly $5 -$10 per videos to make content writer to work for you. 

By choosing Doodle maker, you can convert your content into 66 languages without spending little penny.  AI Translation engine will help you in translating your content into other languages.


Many more features. You can check on Product page Doodle Maker. Every feature in this tool designed to solve problems faced by non-technical person in creating engaging content.

How does Doodle maker work?

In the above section, You have seen What are features? And

How they are going to help you in creating wonderful videos for your business or YouTube.?  In this section, let’see What is inside the Doodle maker and how it’s works.

Creating a video on a Doodle maker is simple and you have to follow below mentioned steps.

1. Select of topic for your content

Every  content creation start with selecting a perfect topic for the target audience. In the same way, you have to select perfect topic which your audience are looking to see from you. Make sure your topic will fulfill the audience need or requirement

2. Creating script or content for your video

Every engaging video start with a great script. The great script is nothing  but including the all elements and informations  which education and engage the audience.

Make sure you script must include the following elements

1. Hook Point( Pain and pleasure point)

2. Information which creates their future as imagination

3. Call to action ( Subscriber/ contact / buy)

3. Doodling your script:

In this stage, you have to select images or clip art and arrange them in a creative way with engaging video transitions. A doodle maker provides you two options to create doodle video.

  1. Create by using Readymade templates
  2. Start from Scratch

If the ready-made templates available on the Doodle maker will fulfill your requirements, You can easily create your doodle video by using them, otherwise you can create your own template or video as per your wish.

What types of videos you can make with a Doodle maker?

You can make the following video types with the Doodle Maker.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Sales Videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Educational videos
  • YouTube videos
  • Training Videos
  • Sketch and Logo Videos eetc.,
What types of Video you can make with Doodle maker
What types of Video you can make with Doodle maker

Who uses Doodle Maker?

Anyone who wants to engage their audience will use a Doodle maker. The doodle maker helps everyone who are looking and lagging in creating engaging content for their audience. The following categories persons and professions will use Doodle maker.

  • Teachers
  • Content creators
  • Free Lancers
  • Coaches
  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Online and Offline Businesses
  • Youtubers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Authors

You can add everyone in this list who wants to engage their audience.

How can use Doodle maker
Who can use Doodle maker?

What is the price of the Doodle Maker?

The price of the Doodle maker is the best price when compared with other video making tools available online. Doodle maker is available in two price variations. One is commercial Doodle Maker license and second on is Entriprise License

  • The cost of Commercial Doodle maker license is $47
  • The Price of Enterprise Doodle maker license id $67

You will get access to the following features under the basic license plan. The features and tools as follows

  • Threee different styles of boards for videos such as Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard videos
  • Unlimited customization without restrictions 
  • AI Video translation engine to translate into world languages
  • Sell to clients globally as Freelancer
  • Over 300+ ready-made templates to reduce your work
  • Text-to-speech in 70 languages which will save a lot of money on translation and content writing services
  • Create unlimited videos with one time investment
  • Royalty free image library which save money and no copyright issues
  • Image to sketch converter to engage audience in unique way
  • Hundereds of high quality Doodle images & icons
  • Built-in color change functionality
  • Intuitive text to image finder which reduce your work
  • Full HD rendering to give High quality content to audience 
  • Element speed changer to give control your video length
  • 160+ male & female voices 
  • Icon finder and Pixabay API
  • Freehand editor
  • Record your own voice
  • Add your own watermark
  • YouTube and Vimeo publisher
  • Built-in Doodle style transitions
  • Unlimited usage – No limits
  • Commercial license

Doodle maker will be the best investment for your online business. You will save thousands of dollars which you spent on freelancer to create doodle videos.

Basic Doodle maker package is enough to increase your business by engage your customer through effective sales videos or lead generation content. If you want to scale your business more than that, you will have to upgrade your  package to enterprises or Agency license.

Doodle Maker Upsell Packages:

Doodle maker Upsell Packages
Doodle maker Upsell Packages

Doodle maker founders are giving more features and earning opportunities to its customers with their up-sell packages. By upgrading your plan, you can make more money by selling Doodle making videos services to the business with an unlimited Doodle maker account without payment.

This packages will help you if you want to start a video production agency with one time payment of $97 or $497. Lets got through the up-sell packages and their features.

Up sell package-1 :Doodle Maker White Label Package:

  • Doodle Maker white label package for agency( $97)
  • Doodle Maker white label package for Enterprises($497)

Under the license of white label package for Agency, you will get 50 white label accounts. This package is perfect for freelancers, small agencies who are planning or running a Video production service business with  small team.


Under Doodle maker white label for enterprise, you will get unlimited white label accounts, This package is perfect for software resellers, Large enterprise businesses.

You will the following benefits under Enterprise package

  • Build your own brand, replacing the logo of the software
  • Unlimited sub accounts
  • Rights to sell at your own price
  • Ready made Video Sales letters
  • Ready made sales pages and high quality promotional graphics
  • They will manage hosting and maintenance of the app
  • No monthly or Yearly payment

Upsell Package 2: Doodle maker Deluxe plan

Doodle Maker Deluxe plan will give you access to more features which cost more than the up-sell price. Doodle maker founder providing them with a small one time payment. You will get the following features as add-on services.

Features and tools included in this upsell:

  • Access to new templates every month for one Year.
  • Ready made voice overs for the new templates
  • High converting ready-made video scripts written by Copywriter experts which you can modified as you like
  • Additional access to 56 premium Text to Speech voices in 29 languages
  • Copyright free premium music for Doodle videos
  • Faster video rendering with Google Cloud server
  • Special quick access to future upgrades of the app. As a deluxe user you don’t need to wait for cutting edge technology

Deluxe up-sell package suits you if you are looking earning opportunity beyond freelancing like servicing high end clients.

Upsell package 3: Toon Video Maker app:

toon maker upsell
Toon maker up-sell

With this up-sell package, you will get Toon video maker app at best one time payment offer. By adding Toon maker app as another tool for your business, you can add entertaining voice and more engagement in your videos.

Toon videos are the best way to engage your audience simple and effective character animations. Toon Videos will increase engagement of videos. Toon Videos are perfect for sales and lead generation videos.

You will get Toon Maker with one time payment of $29

Upsell package 4: Client Engine app($29):

Doodle maker upsell Client app engine
Doodle maker upsell Client app engine

Client engine app is a place to find clients for your work. You don’t have to struggle in high competition platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer etc.., to get clients. Stop chasing clients with the help of Client Engine app.

Benefits of Client Engine app:

  • Unlimited High paying clients at one place
  • Unlimited searches
  • No Monthly / Yearly payments
  • 100% profit
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • One place to access top freelancing sites

    You will get all the above mentioned apps and features as up sell package of Doodle maker. Every up-sell worth your money if you have stronger desire to build your own online business with less investment. Demand of Video production services is increasing day by day, you can make more money with the help of Doodle maker cutting edge apps.

Doodle Maker Upsell package


What is the experience and response of existing customer of Doodle Maker?

Doodle Maker Customer Review 1
Doodle Maker Customer Review (1)

Eventhough, you get a lot of benefits with the products, real experience of the existing customer will matter a lot while taking buying decision.  I have gone through the  many YouTube product reviews and Tutorials on Doodle maker. It is amazing that no one mentioned it is worthless. The reason behind the happy customers of the Doodle Maker is it is delivering Huge Value at Best Price than other Online video making platforms.

Pros and Cons of the Doodle Maker:

  • Budget Friendly
  • No Renewal fees
  • Time Saving
  • Ready made templates
  • Easy to use
  • Royalty free Digital assets
  • Unlimited Video rendering
  • AI powered Features
  •  Human Style Text to Speech and Speech to text conversion in 60 Languages
  • Suitable for all types of use ( freelancers, Small agencies, Large Business)
  • User may confused at first time because of unlimited offers

Frequently Asked Questions related to Doodle Maker:

I know you got complete idea about Doodle Maker but you are left with few questions in your mind. Don’t worry, in the below section, you will find answers to your questions.

1. Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes !, you will get 30 Days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied the product. You can contact Doodle maker customer support at for no question asked refund

2. Will I get training videos on How to create Doodle videos on Doodle Video maker?

Yes, Doodle Maker interactive training functionality will guide you with step by step procedure to create an engaging and professional Doodle videos for your business or clients.

3. How much lengthy video can I create wit Doodle Video maker?

There is no limit for Video length in Doodle Video Maker. You can create as much duration as you want.

4. Can I upload my own Images or Videos?

Yes, you can upload your own images and videos as per your wish. You don’t have any restrictions.

5. Is there any limitation on the Number of video creations per month?

You don’t have any restrictions regarding the number of video creations. You can create unlimited videos on Doodle maker

6. Is there any renewal fee after one time payment?

You don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly payment for using Doodle Maker. You can use unlimited features of the Doodle maker with one time payment based on your plan.

7. Is it really worth to purchase a Doodle maker?

Doodle maker is worth your money if you are freelancer or business owners or YouTube who are looking for Best Video creation software with One time Payment term. If you check other video making tools, they are charging monthly near $9 -$30 / month as basic package and you have to pay additional amount based on length of your video, images and music etc.,


Final Verdict about Doodle Maker:

Doodle maker is the best tools I have seen ever online with unlimited exciting tools and features with one time payment. It will give you at least 30%-40% ROI if you use it properly for your business or as a freelance.

The demand for video content is increasing day to day, You can make at least $5 to $10 on single videos by investing  $49 on Doodle Maker as one time payment.  If you are a YouTube, you can increase your CPM of your  YouTube videos by creating Highly engaging content with Doodle Maker.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, ALL THE BEST

Buy now button

Offers and Coupons on Doodle Maker :

I know you love the Doodle Maker and its highly beneficial features which increases your ROI. But you are looking for offers and Coupons on Doodle Maker to reduce your investment. To help you in saving. I have gone through many websites to list out all offers and coupons available on Doodle Maker. Please find the offers and coupons on Doodle Maker below

1.Get $18 off on Doodle Maker

Use Doodle Coupon on the checkout page anf Grab $18 off on your final price.

2. Save $100 on Doodle Maker White label order  Click this link to activate

3. Get $40 off on Client Engine app

4. Get $148 off on Doodle Maker Deluxe plan – Click link to activate the offer


Trending Coupons and Offers on Doodle maker in 2021

Offer Description Code
$18 OFF $18 OFF Doodle Maker Coupon Code DOODLE
$100 OFF $100 OFF on Doodle maker Whitelabel Order SEC***
SAVE $68 SAVE $68 on Toon Videomaker Launch DEAL
$37 only Doodle maker Commercial License@ $37 only Launch DEAL
$47 only Doodle maker Commercial License@ $47 only Launch DEAL

Note: Few of the offers may/ may not valid based on seller strategy. Please go through Sales page to find active offer and coupons on  Doodle Maker Check here

I hope this reviews on Doodle Maker will help you in getting complete idea about Doodle maker. Please follow the website if you find its useful. Check out other product reviews which will help in save money

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