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If you are looking to know the Good, bad, and ugly points about Sqribble,  before buying it.


You are at a very honest review about sqribble.

Sqribble is termed as Best Ebook creation software

Sqribble Ebook creator honest review

 You may feel sqribble as a solution to your problems that eliminates huge spending on attractive ebooks or lead magnet creation.

But knowing more about the positive and negative of sqribble helps you to understand whether Sqribble helps you or not?

In this honest review, I will give exact reasons and points that help you to make a buying decision.

Note: Here I am not going to waste your time discussing unnecessary information that won’t help you in making a perfect decision.


Let’s dive into the information that creates value for you.

Sqribble overview:


  • Unlimited usage with a one-time payment
  • Great Designs
  • Easy to Design 
  • No Downtime and loading speed issues


  • Need to upgrade to use 3d Ebook creator and 3d Flipbook creation tool

Single sentence review:

Sqribble is the best ebook creation software that gives attractive Ebook, reports, and leads magnets designs within seconds without the need of graphic skills at a low cost

Try Sqribble at $27 Instead of $67 here(USE NY2021 Coupon code )

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is an ebook builder that helps to create mind-blowing, eye-catchy ebook designs within minutes without the need of excellent graphic designing skills.

It was created by Popular and visionary Digital entrepreneur Adeel Chowdary.

Through Scribble, he solved the problems of online entrepreneurs like saving time and money in hiring Freelance Ebook designers and writers.

Sqribble solved all problems in creating elegant ebooks and lead magnets with its features as all-in-one packing tools from designing, content writing.

Please watch the video demo of Sqribble 

What are the benefits of sqribble?

Easy to use:

You can create Eye tempting designs easily on sqribble with point and click technology

Free 50+ Well Crafted designed ebook templates

sqribble design templates

You can speed up the process of creating an Ebook by selecting desired ebook templates from 50+ professional designed templates based on category and requirement

Magic within minutes:

Sqribble gives you the superpower to create attractive and elegant ebooks, reports, whitepapers, and lead magnets within minutes without the need for any professional graphics designing skills or expensive freelancers.

Instant and Easy content:

Sqribble provided a content engine to make the content writing process automatic without the need for an expensive content writer.

The sqribble content engine prepares you copyright free engaging content from its content sources which saves your hundred of dollars from expensive freelancers.

You can select the perfect content for your ebook by searching through keywords or keyword intent.

Ex: If you search for keywords or user search intent like How to lose weight. The content engine of sqribble will populate the articles from its database which you can use without the issue of copyright.

URL to Ebook conversion:

You can convert any website article into ebooks without wasting a lot of time in layout designing and text formatting.

Sqribble will take care of everything, you just have to copy and paste the URL into Sqribble and have to click “generate Ebook ”. 

Within minutes, you will see a blog post as an ebook.

It will help you to collect emails of your website visitors by providing articles as a download ebook.

Commercial License:

You can sell your ebook or ebook designing services without paying a single rupee as Commission for a lifetime at the cost of a single one-time payment 

Free Agency Portfolio Website:

Along with scribble, you will get a free agency portfolio website with a professional look and filled with great portfolio works that bring you high paying clients which cost $500 if you built yourself

Client Management Dashboard with Feedback Engine:

If you are planning to start an ebook designing agency, this feature will power your business with high revenue and great customer testimonials.

A lot of customers are not happy with designing services because of a lack of proper communication between them and the designer.

The client management dashboard with a feedback engine helps you to solve this problem. You can manage hundreds of customers by adding them into this system with a single.

The feedback system helps you to cope with design changes of clients through element-based comment systems.

Clients can report the changes in the design of each element with a single click which gives you more comfortable communicating with customers.

Note: Sqribble Made Writing, designing, and formatting into simple clicks

Problems solved with Sqribble:

  • No need to waste a lot of time searching for Good designers online
  • Avoiding long waiting hours to see the first ugly designs
  • Cash burns of $200- $500 on expensive templates on digital marketplaces like Envato etc.,
  • Long frustrating hours while writing engaging content
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars on freelance content writing
  • No need to invest in Expensive devices and graphic designing Softwares

What is the Price of Sqribble?

The Normal price of this ebook creation software is $197 but today it is available at $67 which includes 

  • All sqribble features
  • Commercial rights
  • Agency website

All the above features and products worth $1691.

To get Sqribble at the cost of $27 instead of $67. Please follow the below instructions.

1.Clear the cookies and browsing history of your device.

2.Open the following link 


3.Enter the Discount Code of NY2021 and click apply.

4.Now you will get Sqribble at $27

What are the upsells and Bonuses available inside Sqribble software?

At the frontend version, you will see a price reduction of $130 from $197 to $67.

By using the Discount coupon “NY2021”, you can reduce the price of the sqribble  to $27 when you purchase from the below link

1.Frontend Version Price and features

  • 50 Well crafted Templates related to health, marketing, fitness, technology, Finance, etc.
  • Commercial usage rights
  • Ready to serve website
  • Interactive Training Videos

USE NY2021 coupon code to get $40 off on the regular price

Upsell 1 : Sqribble Professional Price and Features

Sqribble professional upsell

Under  upsell 1, you will get the following new features

  1. 150 professionally designed templates
  2. Access to 99,000 ready to publish articles of All niches
  3. 8900 additional stock footage
  4. 900 New Page layout designs
  5. 800 Mix & Match Templates
  6. Agency License
  7. Unlimited access to the storage
  8. Free Future Updates


Get $10 off on Sqribble professional upsell with SUPERMAN coupon code


Upsell 2: Sqribble Prime:

Sqribble prime upsell is not suitable for all. It is perfect for people or professionals who require ebook generation services on a regular basis.

Under this sqribble prime upsell, you will access 15 new design templates every month for one year.

This upsell works for people who provide ebook creation freelancing service or agency services.

The features you will get in this upsell are

  • Access to 15 New design templates/ month till one year

Get $3 off on Sqribble Prime Upgrade

Upsell:3 Sqribble Fantasia 3D

Scribble Fantasia 3D upsell provides you two with one tool which gives you the ability to create a 3D ebook cover and turn your ebook into a flippable format.

3D Ebook cover example:

3d Ebook cover demo

Demo of Flippable ebook

Ebooks with 3D cover formats convert more visitors, so this upsell is mandatory if you want to build your email lists with attractive lead magnets.

GET $3.08 off on Sqribble Fantasia 3D Upsell here

Upsell:4  Auto Job Finder

Sqriible autojob finder dashboard

Auto Job finder assists in finding ebook creation-related freelancing jobs from popular freelancing websites.

I think this upsell doesn’t add value to you. Because finding a job is easy but closing the deal is difficult.

If you want to see the benefits of this upsell. Please go through the following landing page

Get 50% off on Sqribble Auto Job finder upsell

Till now, I have discussed features, prices, and upsell. Now comes the important part which is 

What are Pros and Cons of Sqribble?

Everything in this world comes with some positive and negative points but our decision must be based on the majority side. Lets see majority points

Pros of sqribble ebook software:

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Drag and Drop builder
  3. Professionally crafted layout designs
  4. Multiple method to add content on layouts
  5. Free access to engaging content related to every niche.
  6. One time fee
  7. Cloud based application for easy access on any device
  8. Options to export ebooks in major formats like Epub, PDF, Amazon KDP etc.
  9. Royalty free stock footage
  10. 3D Ebook cover generator
  11. Flippable ebook creator
  12. Client Management dashboard for tension free working
  13. Excellent Video training
  14. Risk free purchase with 30 days money back guarantee offer

Cons of Sqribble Ebook creator:

  • Lack of control over Full customization
  • No Undo and Redo option
  • Few reviews mentioned it has few bugs and slow loading speed

Conclusion of Review:

It is a great tool with well powered features at a low one time fee.If you hire freelance content writer and Graphic designer, it will cost you around $100 which is far bigger than $27. 

Try Sqribble with 7 day trail offer at $3

What are the special offers available with Sqribble?

Sqribble is offers best discounts on it versions to help the online entrepreneurs. Please checkout the offers


1.Try Sqribble trial version for 7 days at $3

https://a95a8b-onexzykmr1dm-iafwa2.hop.clickbank.net/?cbpage=trial &tid=BEST12BUY

2.Get $20.77 on Sqribble Frontend version by using “JUNE21” Code


3.Get $10 off on Sqribble Professional upsell 


Coupon code: SUPERMAN

4.Get $3 off on Sqribble Prime upsell

Sqribble Prime page

Coupon code: NORECURRING

5.Save $3 on Sqribble Fanstasia 3D

Sqribble Fanstansia 3D

Coupon code: DISNEY

6.Get 50% off on Auto Job finder upsell

Auto Job finder


Ultimate offer:

Get $130 off on Sqribble Front product

Sqribble Frontend Version

Couponcode: NY2021

People want to know about Sqribble

1.How does Sqribble work?

Sqribble is a cloud-based designing tool that helps you to create eBooks, reports and whitepaper in seconds through click and add .

Anyone with zero graphic designing skill can create attractive ebook with drop and drop builder and automatic content generation engine

2.How do you create an eBook?

You can create attractive ebooks through drag and drop ebook builder sqribble

3.How much does it cost to create an eBook?

If you hire a freelancer, it will cost $50 for a single ebook design, but with the help of Sqribble, you can design unlimited attractive ebook on your own without any design skills at one time fee of $27

4.What is the best flipbook software?

Sqribble is the best flipbook software which helps you create unlimited flip book at low cost from designing and publishing

I hope this honest review helped you to take buying decision about sqribble. Please share this article on Facebook if you like my work.

If you want to purchase the product, Use NY2021 to get maximum discount in the following section

Thank you very much for spending your valuable time


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