Best text to audio converter online for YouTube Videos

Best text to audio converter online


If you want a solution to convert text into speech for your video content or podcast.

You are a perfect article. In this article, I am presenting you with the best text-to-audio converter online.

How simple is it?

What would you feel if it happened?

I know it is WOW!

Most YouTubers and business owners who want to promote their business online struggle to get the perfect voice-over for their video that attracts customers.

If you are one among them, you are reading the article that provides you with a permanent solution for your problem.

When it comes to Speechelo is a free download; it is a cloud-based software. It is impossible to get excess to it for free. The smart option is to buy the software and recover that money through freelancing or producing video content for YouTube.

If you have a budget to invest money, Please review the following to understand how you can monetize the speechelo feature.

In this review post, I will show you the Best TEXT TO SPEECH CONVERTOR of 2021 that converts your YouTube videos into sales boosters.


That is Not other than the software SPEECHELO


It is termed as BEST TEXT TO HUMAN VOICE GENERATOR online in 2021 because of its features and price benefits when compared to other tools.


You may wonder about what you heard!




That’s TRUE


And by the end of this article, you will believe my words and love to use SPEECHELO.


I will take you through the following information regarding Speechelo in this post.

1. What is Speechelo?

2. What are its features?

3. How is it going to benefit you?

4. What is the price of speechelo? ( Worth your money or not)

5. Pros and Cons of Speechelo

6. Why should you consider speechelo before buying a Text-to-speech converter?

7. The Verdict

Let’s begin the analysis with the central question.

1. What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is an AI-powered Text-to-speech converter that sounds 100% like a human. 

It was developed to solve the problem of content creators struggling to create compelling videos mainly because of language barriers and ineffective vocal voices.

Previously, most people used to hire voice-over artists to make their videos, which cost thousands of dollars.

Even after investing a considerable amount, people are not happy with voice quality, So to solve this problem of millions of Youtubers and business owners, blaster software developed this A. I powered a speech-to-text converter that anyone can purchase at one payment.

A simple overview of Speechelo

Creator Stoica
Product Speechelo official page
Launch Date Already Launched
Launch Time Already Launched
Official website
Front-End Price $47( 53% discount)
Bonuses Yes, Valuable bonus
Skill Beginner to Expert
Guarantee 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Human Voice Over
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend it!


2. What features made speechelo as Best Text to Human voice generator?

There will be a buzz inside the market whenever new software is released, possibly because of the marketing promotions. But the actual worth and genuineness of the tool come out after initial sales.

As a content creator, I heard about speechelo through YouTube paid ads but didn’t notice it.

But one day, while I was searching for a voice-over artist for Fiverr gig works. I accidentally opened the website of Speechelo, which caught my attention.

Speechelo Official Page for special offer


On the landing page of speechelo, I have gone through sample voices generated by using speechelo, which has amazed me with its human voice.

Previously, I used a few text-to-voice converters to create videos for YouTube channels. 

The difference I noticed between Speechelo and other text-to-voice generators is 

Speechelo sounds like a natural voice and makes the audience feel like human beings with a pleasant voice.

Other voice generator or convertor sounds like robots

When it comes to features of the speechelo. Speechelo provides the following features that help you to create a high-quality voiceover for your video content.

  • Convert any text in speech with 3 simple steps
  • Available in 30+ global languages
  • Male and female voice supported includes kid version
  • You can add inflection to the voice based on the content type 
  • Sound like Human
  • One time payment
  • Cloud-based tool ( no need for heavy-duty laptops)
  • It will read the text in various tones: Formal, joyful, serious
  • Compatible with significant editing tools like Camtasia, Audacity, iMovie, etc.,


People think I use a professional voiceover artist. NO! I use Speechelo!”

3. How does Speechelo work?

You can convert your scripts into beautiful voices through 3 simple steps.

Best text to speech convertor online-speechelo review


1. Copy Paste the script:

In this step, copy-paste the script onto the speechelo online text editor. Speechelo will check your script, and it will add necessary punctuation in your hand to make it sound like a Human.

2. Selecting the voice-over language

At the stage, speechelo gives you 30 voice-over languages and voices from which you must select the agent that suits your script.

This best text-to-audio converter will provide preview options to give you ideas about How the voice will sound for your script.

You can select the mood of the voice, like Joy, serious, or standard, according to your script requirement.

Once you are done with this stage. 

3. Generate and Download

In the third stage, you have to click on generate, and Speechelo will start its magic, which converts your video or podcast script into a magical voice-over within 10 seconds.

It will provide you with a PLAY and DOWNLOAD option on the output file, through which you can check the work and download the output file if you like the result.

Through the above simple steps, you can provide a high-quality voice-over for your videos without spending hundreds of dollars.

4. What is the price of speechelo?

Price is one of the essential factors that made speechelo as BEST TEXT TO text-to-speech convertor.

As the online business world is occupied with recurring payments and subscription models, speechelo is available for content creators with a one-time fee of $100 for unlimited voiceovers.


Now, it is available with a discount price of $47 as a founder special offer.

Best text to speech convertor

Get Speechelo at Founder’s special offer of $47 instead of $100

5. Where can you use speechelo?

You can use speechelo to generate voice for the following videos

  • informational videos
  • educational videos, 
  • training videos 
  • sales videos
  • Youtube videos
  • Audiobooks
  • You can sell voice services on freelancing sites

How does Speechelo benefit your earnings?

The first monetary benefit you will have because of speechelo is

  1. It will increase your video views and channel subscribers and get a high monthly recurring income
  2. Speechelo will save you $ 1,000 every month by eliminating your dependency on voice-over artists
  3. You can make an additional income by providing voice-over freelancing services on websites like Fiverr and Upwork

Other benefits you can have with speechelo is 

You can try multiple voices over without any money issues.

You can produce content in 30+ global languages with a one-time investment of 47 dollars.

In a single statement, Speechelo will save you thousands of dollars.

6. What are the pros and Cons of Speechelo?

There is nothing in this world that is perfect. In the same way, speechelo has tens of pros and few cons. Let’s go through them

Pros :

  • Easy-to-use interface and beginner-friendly
  • Simple steps to get the required output
  • Supports 30 global languages 
  • Options to generate 50+ voice variation
  • Sounds like Human 
  • One time payment
  • Cloud-based tool
  • Strong customer support
  • Upgrade options to access additional voices and newly added languages


  • There is a limitation in the number of words(700) for standard versions and 2800 for pro versions.
  •  Special offer valid for a limited time only

7. Who should buy Speechelo?

Speechelo is helpful for every online entrepreneur who wants and is already making money through content creation. If you come under the following category,speechelo is worth your money.

  • Youtube content creator
  • Online course creator
  • Video production agency
  • Freelancer
  • Agency owners
  • Online marketer
  • Podcaster
  • Cash cow channel builder

8. What is my final verdict?

As an online entrepreneur, I will use speechelo because of its features, and my main reason for considering speechelo as the best text-to-speech converter is its Human-like voice and 30+ global language support.

It is saving thousands of dollars through unique features with a one-time payment.

I highly recommend you buy speechelo if you want to generate passive income through YouTube video content and freelancing services with some investment.



I hope this speechelo review post helps you make the perfect buying decision and start your online business with a small investment.

If you like the valuable delivery through this post, Please like, comment, and share this article with your friends, which will help them. 

Thank you


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