Best 4k Set top box in India 2021

4k Set top box: Are you looking to buy Best 4k Set top box for you Tv?

Then, you are at right place?

In this article, I am going to help you in selecting and purchasing Best 4K set top box online for your TV.

Before going through list of Best 4k Set top boxes available online,ย  lets see the factors which you have to check before buying the set top box.

Factors to consider when purchasing a set top:

  1. Functionalities:

Internet is capturing each and every corner of the global through Digital Transformation. Buying setup box without future technology support like Wi-Fi streaming or Video on demand facilities will waste your money. Selecting Set top box with future technology support will save your money.

2. Main features:

It is important to compare the features such as HD, Full HD, Ultra HD etc., before purchasing the set top box. Some Television may or may not support the 4k videos. Buying setup box which doesn’t compatible with your Television in terms of Video format, Cable connect will make you frustrate. You have to check your TV system whether it support the set top box features.

3. Packages:

You have to check the packages available with the company. Selecting packages with less viewable channels is waste of money. Checking TV channel packages available with specific Set top box company will saves your money.

4. Installation Charges:

If you can setup the set top box by reading or watching Installation video,ย  it’s okay. If you don’t have time or knowledge on How to install the set top box? , you have to check Whether the company offering Free Installation or not? It will save your time or money.

I hope you understand Why the above factors are vital in buying the set top box. Let’s go through the Best Set top box in India.

1. Airtel Xstream 4k Set Top Box

airtel xstream set top box

Product specifications:

  • 1 Year Subscription of Airtel Xstream Premium App.
  • Voice Search
  • 4k picture quality & 1080p
  • Smart Phone as Remote
  • Inbuild Chrome Cast
  • Access to 5000 Apps
  • Support 4K, HD, SD video quality
  • Dolby sound 5.1 audio support
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Standard Installation: You can do by following instruction from user manual, no need to hassle


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Product Description:

If you are looking to purchase set top box that works as Both DTH and internet TV. You can buy this.

  • This set top box have almost all latest technology which you helps you upgrade you DTH connection into Internet connection
  • Voice control helps older to open the content they want with single word without going into much technical operations.
  • 4k and 1080px quality gives wonderful watching experience from TV content to OTT content.
  • Inbuild chrome cast helps the device to connect to the internet without adding any additional device which enable the Set Top box run on Internet
  • Android TV play store give you options to install Which ever appsย  based on your requirement
  • You can play all mostย  any video quality from 4k, HD and SD.
  • Dolby 5.1 support enhance your movie watching experience with High quality sound
  • It’s compatibility with any type of devices from Projector to Latest LED tv gives you chance to switch at any time
  • You can use wireless device like Sound bars, home theater without too many wires around the TV

I hope above details gave an idea about Airtel Xstream. If you like the Set top box. You can buy on Amazon

26 261863 buy on amazon buy now amazon logo.png removebg preview


As everyone is adapting to us internet as main mode of entertainment, All set top box companies are converting their TV set top boxes into smart by reintroduce them with another name or additional smart device.

Ex: To maintain their existing customers DISH TV introduce DISH NEXT smart to convert their DISH TV setup into Internet supporting set top box.

As Set top box and Android tv set top box costs nearly same. I suggest you to go through the Latest and successful android TV set top box like

MI TV set top box.

If you are using CRT TV, you have purchase HDMI converter additionally to connect MI android Set top box,

F A Q’s you have to check while buying 4k Set top box:

  1. ย Which 4K set top box is best?

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  As everyone is moving towards Internet based content Airtel Xstream 4k Set Top Box is the Best options

2. Is 4K channels available in India?

Yes, but only 4 channel as of now, it will increase with time.ย  you can check the list of 4k Channel

3. Should I buy 4K or Full HD?

Quality of video completely based on Pixel. As 4k resolution has more pixel than Full HD. The quality of viewing is more in 4k than FULL HD. If you have budget. I will suggest to buy 4k.

4.How does 1080p look on 4K TV?

As 4k TV or set top box will have capacity to adjust resolution, you will find no difference, it will show the content in 1080PX

5.What happens if I play 4K on a 1080p TV?

The TV or set top box will downscale the video to 1080px, so you will experience 1080 px video quality

I hope, this article will you to taking buying decision. If you don’t like the above mentioned set top box, you can check best selling set top box on Amazon

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