Zoom's Slack rival has a new name and features.

Many of us were on Zoom calls during the epidemic, but you may not be aware that Zoom has its own Slack- and Microsoft Teams-like platform called Zoom Chat.

Zoom revealed on Monday that the product's name has been changed to Zoom Team Chat, along with a slew of other useful changes to the collaboration software.

Let us begin with the rebranding. Because consumers were confused about the distinction between the chat that may be used in Zoom sessions and the standalone communication suite, Zoom is introducing "Team." 

According to Sharvari Nerurkar, head of Zoom Team Chat's, rebranding the product Zoom Team Chat "assist underline the difference that it is a comprehensive collaborative hub solution."

Zoom Team Chat is designed to be a single collaborative center that enables users to collaborate with coworkers in real time on meetings or asynchronously via messages. 

If you're like me, you're probably already using a combination of video, audio, and text to communicate with coworkers, but in various apps. 

If your employer employs Zoom for videoconferencing, you can theoretically accomplish much of your office communication in one location with Zoom Team Chat rather than switching between apps

"Our clients are telling us that they don't want the hassle of switching between numerous tools to interact with the same set of individuals," Nerurkar added.

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