Top 4 Best Netflix Originals of 2022 so far

If you are searching for best content on Netflix, Here it is

Archive 81: If you like to horror and suspense , You must watch this web series

Archive 81: Story of this web series revolve around finding dangerous cult while archiving the works done by filmarkers

After life Dark comedy is the cup of your coffee. You will love this series

After life Afterlife story shows the How a nice middle aged person transforms into devil like don't care attitude

Investing Anna This story is based the real life story. It is also investigating series. You will find twist and turn in the story

Investing Anna This series shows the investing journey of Journalist to find whether common girl faked she is new heiress of German family

Love is blind: This is social experiment show hosted by Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey,

Love is blind: In this show, singe women and men are placed in POD and make them to love and engaged their partner without meeting in person