The Top Interesting movies that last more than 3 hours.

It also features some fantastic images of the countryside and distant locations between the Midwest and California. lt's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

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The movie is inspired from a book by Alex Haley "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" which is dedicated to him.

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Movies about astronauts typically focus on exhilarating landings, amazing orbits, and dramatic launches.

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The movie is about a civil war soldier and a tribal woman. He decides to leave his previous life behind to be with them since he is drawn to their simplicity of lifestyle.

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When Union soldiers show there with intentions for the land, tragedy ensues. 

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The Wolf of Wall Street went too far in glamorizing Jordan Belfort's actions as he committed fraud and defrauded numerous people of millions of dollars.

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Although it is a fictional tale, Pontius Pilate and other genuine persons who attempted to address social problems are included, making it historically authentic.

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The book Lawrence of Arabia amazing depiction of real occasions that quickly fill its three hours, forty-eight minutes running time

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The film had a lot to live up to since the previous two Godfather movies came out, but it still has a special place in history.

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There is currently somewhat of a moratorium on this movie, and there is excellent cause for it.

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The film received mixed reviews because to the heated debate regarding Fat Thor and Black Widow's eventual fate.

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What happened to their relationship?