The best foods to eat for a healthy gut

High-fiber foods: oat

A notable source of soluble fibre is oats. Your digestive health will be aided by beginning your day with a bowl of oats or some homemade oat granola.

For additional fibre, you can also include dried fruits or fresh fruits with skins.

High-fiber foods: fruits and vegetable

Fresh fruits with a high fibre content include pears, oranges, and berries. Artichokes, broccoli, green peas, sweet potatoes, and squash are also examples of vegetables.

A high-fiber diet not only feeds the good bacteria in your gut but also wards off chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Living organisms found in probiotic meals are similar to the beneficial bacteria in your stomach.

Probiotic foods: yogurt

Consuming probiotics promotes the diversity and number of bacteria in your body, resulting in a generally healthy gut.

Probiotic foods: miso

Making miso soup is quick and simple. Any Asian grocery store will carry miso paste, which you can purchase and add to a small bowl of soup as a side dish to give your dinner an easy probiotic boost.

Prebiotic foods: onions and garlic

As a result, it's equally crucial to consume prebiotic meals that maintain the life of the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotic foods: onions and garlic

Fortunately, certain common veggies like leeks, onions, and garlic have prebiotic properties.