Penalties for fuel-saving techniques have been issued to drivers.

We know that putting vehicle in neutral will save some fuel. But it is against Highway code. The reason is

In Highway code it is defined as Coasting where running a vehicle in neutral or disengaged gear reduce driving control, hence drivers are advised against it.

Coasting reduces engine braking, which can boost downhill speed. The footbrake may lose effectiveness as a result of excessive use.

The response of the steering will be diminished, particularly on bends and twists.

Choosing the proper gear may be more difficult. She towed his vehicle when he persisted to park in her space.

The couple relocated to a building that offered 'extra fee parking places.'

Unfortunately, a Neighbour parked in the spot they'd reserved.

Improper vehicle handling is penalized by a £1,000 fine or ban. The fine will be more for a bus, coach, or HGV which is £2,500.

Drivers are cautioned to avoid automobile damage. Persistent coasting wears down the brakes.

The engine brakes disconnect in neutral which increase  dependence on the mechanical brakes.

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