Jennifer Connelly's Untold Secret

Oscar-winning actor, dancer, singer, and model These are some of the honours Jennifer Connelly has received over her almost four-decade career in the entertainment industry.

Connelly, a native New Yorker, appeared to rocket to popularity after being found at the age of eight by a family friend who was also an advertising executive, according to the Independent.

She soon began modelling and doing commercials, and her star power gradually soared until a casting director linked her with director Sergio Leone for his upcoming picture, much like one of those impossible fairytale stories about being found.

Connelly, a pre-teen at the time, presumably had no idea he'd be cast in the epic crime thriller "Once Upon a Time in America."

Inventing The Abbotts Was The First Movie Of Hers She Loved

Jennifer Connelly is well-known for her skill and beauty, but her character and view on life have always been incredibly grounded.