Jeff Garlin: What happened to his character in The Goldbergs’ season 10?

ABC sitcoms surprised the fans of The Goldbergs when they tuned to season 10

the reason behind it is, they made impacting decision regarding Jeff Garlin character in 10 th season.

What happened to Jeff Garlin character on The Goldberg's season 10.

In the season 10, ABC sitcoms killed off the Jeff Garlin character patriarch Murray.

The reason behind the kill is 

The reason behind the kill is 

Showrunners Alex Barnow and Chris Bishop revealed how "The Goldbergs" would cope with Garlin's tumultuous exit midway through the ninth season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Garlin's departure was the result of a "mutual agreement" reached between himself and Sony Pictures Television following an HR probe concerning his on-set conduct, which the actor attributed to "silliness."

Hope, this series will entertainment the fans with future seasons