Are you fan of Euro Truck Simulator 2 ?


And also a beginner who wants to master it

Follow this tips to become vivid gamer

7.Follow The Rules Of Traffic The goal of the game is to deliver the product not to crash

6.Be Careful With Skill Point Assignment: This will help to expanding your driving  the arsenals for driving skills 

5.Take Time To Learn The Menu At the beginning, you may see tutorial but it is better to learn about menu to speedup your learning

4.Do Not Go Through With The Very First Loan It may seem like it is a good idea to get this loan so ap layer can buy their first truck of their own right away. 

3.Be Patient The learning curve of the game takes some time to make you master. be patient 

2.Do Not Forget Dangerous Load Trip Player have to use same map many times, reminding the dangerous load trip will help in deliver safely

1.Be cool  and enjoy the game Without coolness and love, it is difficult to deliver high performance