Apple Watch Pro:Game Changing Features

Apple is well known for great problem solving features

Now its came with gaming changing feature on Apple watch pro

What is the new feature?

It come with Satellite connectivity feature for Apple Watch Pro

What is Satellite connectivity

It may enable Apple Watch Pro to work on satellite features for emergency communications

Effective emergency communication is critical for daring adventurers and might save their lives.

Although GPS and LTE connection have improved over time, there are still numerous remote locations where you can't receive a signal.

Even experienced hikers, campers, and endurance athletes might get lost or trapped if they become injured in a cellular dead zone.

To solve this problem, travelers are carrying Satellite phone, but it is overweight and adding weight to travel bag

Apple is trying to solve this problem by providing emergency communication with LTE connectivity

But the constraint is battery backup. It seems Apple will not add satellite connectivity in its first Iteration

Hope, we will see Satellite connectivity feature in upcoming iteration.