Apple Air Tag: How to use it to track your luggage?

If you are struggle to track your luggage while travelling on Airlines

Apple Air tag is the solution for you

Apple Air tag help you to track your luggage

It simply takes a minute to set up the little $29 gadget – here's how.

Both airline personnel and frequent flyers have suggested utilising the little Apple gadget to track checked bags while in flight.

Using an AirTag is likely to be the easiest travel "hack" you'll ever need.

The little gadget is simple to obtain. It may be bought online and picked up at an Apple shop the same day or mailed to your home.

To link the gadgets, simply hold it near your iPhone...

Choose the name of your AirTag (in this example, "luggage").

Put it in your bag and you're ready.

There's also no need to worry about charging the battery because the AirTag is built to last at least a year.

The coin-sized gadget will not prevent an airline from losing your luggage, but it will provide you with a live map of its whereabouts.