5 Useful Home Gadgets Under ₹500

3D Acrylic Creative Message Board 

The 3D Acrylic Creative Message Board with LED Light Base Holder is versatile for personalized messages, decor, events, and gifts.

NESAPTO Candle Lighter

The electric candle lighter is versatile, ideal for candles, gas stoves, BBQ grills, emergency lighting, crafts, aromatherapy, and more.

HOME CUBE Smart Control Sensor Led Night Light Bedroom Lamp

HOME CUBE Smart Night Light offers warm ambiance, sensor control, and dual USB ports for efficient bedroom lighting and convenient phone charging.

CONA Standy Multiplug 3 in 1 - (White) - Multiplug with Stand, 125 Volt

CONA Standy Multiplug 3-in-1 serves as a white multiplug with a stand. Organize and power multiple devices efficiently with ease.