The Rings Of Power, Amazon's latest Lord of the Rings TV drama, premieres tonight on Amazon Prime Video.


If you are looking for strong reasons to watch it

Production Value:

The Rings of Power is a visual feast to your eyes. The production team invested lot of money and time to produce the great content. You will love to watch it.

Fantastic Characters

Whatever the visual quality of content, without great characters everything will become zero. If you are fan of great character like Hari, you should watch this series 

Adaption worked

Most of the people think Adaption .stories doesn't work for J.R.R. Tolkien. But in case of Power of Ring it worked. First two episodes worked good

The musical score is stunning.

Musical score enhance the emotion on the screen. Power of Rings composed with great music that engage the audience. 

The musical score is stunning.

The title tune for The Rings Of Power was written by Howard Shore, who also created the soundtrack for The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

Twists and Turns

No show will get succeed without twists, turn. The power of Rings filled with exciting guess that makes you love watching it

If you haven't watch it, Please do watch and enjoy the show