Cheap and best backpacks in india 2024

Subject:cheap and best backpacks in india 2024

Irrespective of your age, work and gender Backpacks are essentail while you are travelling inside or out of the side.

Most of the people prefer backpacks because of comfort they are giving. If you are in Metro city, You must have backpack to carry your essentials for comfortable daily travel in public transpooration.

If you are looking for Cheap and Best backpacks in India 2024 for comfortable. I will suggest the following backpacks under your best budget friendly backpacks.

List of Cheap and Best Backpacks in India 2024:

In this list, I am giving seperate list for Women and Men. Please checkout the list.

Cheap and Bestpacks for Men in India 2024

1.Skybag Casual backpack

Skybags backpacks
Best backpacks Fgear

Product Features:

  • Capacity:25 litres
  • Color:Blue and Grey
  • Compartments :3
  • Suitable for School and College student.
  • Price: Checkout on Amazon

Product Descriptions:

Skybags is one of the best backpacks manufacturing company in India.

If you are looking for cheap and best backpacks for you need, it is one of the best backpack.

It is available with Blue and grey color combinations and have the capacity to hold 25 litres, It is available with 3 compartments and suits you requirements if you are college or school students.


  • Branded Products
  • Smooth Zip operations
  • Budget friendly
  • Stylish and Trendy looks
  • Honeycomb padded back and shoulder straps


  • No Internal compartments
  • Not suitbale for carrying Laptop

2. F Gear Laptop Backpack

Best backpacks Fgear
Best backpacks Fgear

Product Features:

  • Capacity:19 litres
  • Color:Charcoal and Grey
  • Compartments:4
  • Suitable for: College Students, Job holders
  • Price: Checkout on Amazon

Product Descriptions:

If you are looking for monochromatic bags. It suits great for your requirements. It has capacity to hold 19 litres and can accomodate more items in 4 compartments( one principle compartments, additional pockets and 1 pouch for sippers).

It was designed with dimensions(30x 15 x 43 cms)

It is made up of polyster materials.


  • Compatible for carrying Laptop
  • Looks well built
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty
  • water-proof


  • No zipped internal compartment
  • Suitable for small laptops

3.Amazon basic Backpacks

best backpacks online

Product Features:

  • Capacity:21 litres
  • Color:Black
  • Compartments:2+1(internal)
  • Suitable:Students, Job holders
  • Price:Checkout on  Amazon

Product Descriptions:

It is best bag, if you are looking for low maintaince bag. it is occupied with spacious compartment and one internal pockets. You can carry 14 inch laptop with this bag. It is accommodated with adjustable strips which you can adjust. It is suitable for Student and job holders.


  • Suitable for carrying laptops
  • Available in other color variant
  • quality zippers
  • Zipped internal compartment
  • A large additional compartment on the front


  • Just one Main compartment
  • Medium Range Water Resistance

4.Adisa backpack

Adisa cheap and best packpacks


Product Features:

  • Made up Imported Polyster
  • Capacity:29 litres
  • Color:Charcoal and Grey
  • Compartments: 4+1( Internal)
  • Suitable:Everyone
  • Price:Checkout  on Amazon

Product Descriptions:

You will be suprised with built quality of the backpacks. It is available in mody Navy blue which most men love to wear. It has 3 compartments and one additional pcoket on the top to give convince to put Mobile charges and powerbank on top.

If you are fan of Navy blue, you can go for other color variants available with this model. It is designed with adjustable strips to give comfort while wearing and padded back to

It is the best backpack, if you are looking for stylish and budget friednly bags for high school and college student


  • Well built
  • Trendy look
  • Rain cover to protect against Rain
  • 3 Compartments for more items


  • No Space for Laptop
  • Water proofing is not perfect

Cheap and Bestpacks for Women in India 2024

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