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Want to give a memorable gift on Valentine’s Day, but have no idea what to get? You clicked on the right article. This gift guide will help you select the perfect gift for your newlywed partner.

valentine gifts online amazon
Teddy proposing teddy on valentines day

As a newly married couple, the firsts are always remarkable. Be it the first date, the first gift, or anything else. You will always look back on those beautiful memories from your firsts and cherish them.

So, the first Valentine’s Day would also be a special occasion to remember.

What better way to make it a day to remember than planning the perfect gift for your spouse?

You can make the special day even more memorable for your spouse by giving them the perfect gift.

Unique Valentine day gifts for your partner

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Ceramic coffee mug with heart-shaped design

You may be thinking of many ways to make the day memorable and planning for a gift. But most people will feel stuck when deciding on what to get their partner as a gift.

The pressure of making the gift memorable gets to you.

The confusion of what to gift can dampen the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Instead of feeling super stuck and paralyzed by too many choices, refer to a gifting guide that will help you narrow down your options.

A gifting guide offers you a variety of options to choose from based on your budget and the type of gift you want.

Why do I need to gift?

valentine gifts online amazon 2022
Gift box on the white background in the context of why gifting is important

A gift is a way of showing someone how much you appreciate them. Sometimes, physical gestures such as giving gifts or planning a gift for your partner are a welcome way of expressing your love and care towards them.

Often gifts make people feel special and loved, which is necessary for building a healthy relationship.

Making each other feel important in whatever way possible will help strengthen your bond with your spouse.

Let’s say, you remembered that thing your wife wanted and gift that to her; it would make her feel heard and show her that you care about her needs.


You plan a fun activity that your husband always wanted to do, that would make him feel valued and loved.

But that does not establish that giving gifts is the only way to show appreciation.

Your actions are necessary too. Every once in a while, giving gifts adds the extra touch of love.

What to gift?

valentines day present
valentines day present

A Valentine’s Day gift should ideally be on the theme of love. Something that shows your partner that you love and care about them would be a great place to start.

Depending on how well you know your partner, you can place a finger on the type of gift they would like.

For example,

Your partner prefers romantic gestures. In that case, a piece of jewelry or a candle-lit dinner could be the perfect gift for them. But what do you do when you are not aware of their exact preferences?

This gifting guide can help you select a good gift for your partner.

So, without further ado, let us dive into the gifts you could get your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

Best valentines day gift for husband

1. Watch:

valentines gifts for him
valentines gifts for him

A wristwatch is something almost every guy wears regularly. Men tend to be keen on the latest watch designs and various brands that make high-quality watches.

You can get him a classy watch this Valentine’s Day to add to his style. Nowadays you can also get watch subscriptions such as Watch Gang, Wrist Mafia, etc. Get it here:


If you want to give a smartwatch as a gift you can find best selling smartwatches below

2. Gaming Console:

If your husband is a video gaming enthusiast, then getting him a gaming console would make him happy. Xbox, PS4, PS5 are some of the best gaming consoles available in the market.

Gaming console as valentines day gift for him
Gaming console as valentines day gift for him


Along with the gaming console, you can get him his favorite video games. After a tiring day of work, playing video games for fun would help him unwind and relax.

Get it here: best selling gaming consoles on Amazon

3. Adventure sports:

If your husband is adventurous and likes sports like bungee jumping, cliff diving, paragliding, etc you can gift him a day of adventure sports. Plan a day out and go do these activities under the supervision of a professional. Taking part in activities he loves would make your bond stronger.

4. Premium Shoes:

valentines day gift ideas for boyfriend
valentines day gift ideas for boyfriend

Many men are obsessed with shoes and build a shoe collection through the years.

You can get your husband a pair of shoes that is unique or rare to add to this shoe collection.

These could be limited edition sneakers or a pair of vintage dress shoes. Pick a pair of shoes as per your husband’s preferences.

Get it here: best selling Footwear on Amazon

5. Branded Wallet:

Wallet as valentines day gift for husband
Wallet as valentines day gift for husband

A wallet makes for a very useful and practical gift. There are different types of wallets available, such as leather wallets, canvas wallets, etc.

You can also personalize the wallet by getting your husband’s name engraved on it or by placing a picture of you and your husband in the wallet.

6. Jewelry:

Bracelet as valentines day gift for him
Bracelet as valentines day gift for him

If your husband likes wearing jewelry, you can gift him a piece of jewelry this Valentine’s Day.

You can buy a ring, a bracelet or a necklace for him. Most of these can be engraved too. To add a personal touch, you can engrave it with your wedding date or a quote that you’d like to dedicate to him.

7. Masterclass:

If your husband likes learning new things, plan a day out where you attend a workshop with him. Workshops and masterclasses are being held on various topics like cooking, baking, pottery, resin art, perfume making, fluid art, etc. Depending on your husband’s preference, you can book a workshop for him and enjoy learning together.


Best valentines day gift for husband

1. Makeup kit

Makeup kit as valentines day gift for her
Makeup kit as valentines day gift for her

If your wife loves wearing makeup, then gifting her makeup items is a great idea. You can go to a store and let the beauty associates guide you on what to pick for your wife. You may also have your wife draw up a list of things she’d like to get. Getting her that lipstick she wanted for a long time shows her you pay attention to her, making her feel special. Get it here:

2. Dinner date:

Most women love being taken out on dates. A candle-lit dinner or a breakfast date is a great way to end or start the Valentine’s Day celebration.

You can plan a date for your wife at the restaurant she loves or a new cafe that she wants to try. Either way, it will make her feel loved when you care for her preferences.

3. Jewelry:

Valentines day gift for wife
Valentines day gift for wife

They say jewelry is a girl’s best friend, and they’re not wrong.

A piece of jewelry adds charm to your look and brightens your mood.

When gifted by someone special, you hold it dearly and cherish it for years to come.

You can gift your wife a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings, etc this Valentine’s Day.

Choose a design keeping in mind her taste and choices to make sure she can get good use out of it.

4. A vacation:

Taking a vacation together can be an intimate experience for a couple.

You get to discover new places and create new memories together. To make this Valentine’s Day memorable, you can take to her a place she wants to visit.

It could be a nearby hill station or a beach destination. A short vacation could be a great gift for Valentine’s Day, so you can relax and unwind together.

5. Gift basket:

A gift basket is a perfect way to combine all the trinkets into a big gift. Small things can be added to a gift basket, such as chocolates, flowers, fruits, accessories, etc.

Not only is it a great way of presenting a gift, but it also allows you to get a variety of small things your wife loves and make them into one big package.

6. Dress:

The first dress you buy your wife will be a special gift for her. You can gift your wife clothing items from her wishlist on her favorite shopping website, or have them custom-made by a tailor.

This will not only show her that you notice things but also that you pay attention to her. You could gift her a cocktail dress, an evening gown, or any dress that she likes to wear.

7. Spa day:

Planning a relaxing spa day for your wife makes for a great valentine’s day gift. It will help her unwind and feel calm, allowing her to enjoy the day with you.

Pampering her with a relaxing foot massage or helping her relax with a full body massage coil be a great way of showing you care.


These are some of the gifts you can give your spouse to make your first Valentine’s day memorable.

While giving gifts is not essential, it shows you care for that person. Giving and receiving gifts makes people happy.

Planning gifts takes a lot of time and effort, which shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to think about your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Make your first Valentine’s Day special by picking a gift your partner will love.

HAPPY Valentines Day

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