Best CCTV Camera for home in India 2021

Topic:Best CCTV Camera for home in India 2021

Safety is becoming concern in the city. It is always better to have a CCTV camera in Home or Office or shop to safeguard our family & properites.

If you are looking to purchase Best CCTV camera for Home in India in 2021, this post will helps in selecting best CCTV camera for your requirement.

Let’s dive into the list of Best CCTV camera available online without wasting time.

1.Mi WiFi Smart Security Camera

1.Mi WiFi Smart Security Camera
.Mi WiFi Smart Security Camera

Product Features:

  • AI motion detection alert
  • 110* degree Camera Angle
  • 360 Degree View
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Wifi Connectivity
  • 1080px resolution
  • 20Megapixel Camera
  • 64 GB SD card storage

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Product Description:

The features in Mi wifi security camera complement each other features to give you maximum security to your place. Lets see How each feature helps you make your place safe.

360 Degree Vision:

The 360 degree horizontal and 90 Degree vertical move of the camera gives you complete coverage of the area without any blind spot( area which are enable to cover) . The dual motor design give smooth and slient move to the camera without any disturbance in your living room.

Full color in low quality light:

True color technology embeded in this CCTV camera gives you orinal colors at low quality light like Evening without any quality issue.

Instant Security Alert:

With the help of AI and deep learning integration with the network systems will detect unauthorised motion in your area and it will send you security alert notifications  to your Smart phone without any mistakes.

2 way audio communication:

This CCTV camera gives you option to talk without loved ones from anywhere without any issue in Audio quality

Good Video Storage option:

New Video Encoding technology enables you to stores compresssed video without any compromise in video quality and NAS technlogy enables you to use wifi with storage options to store recording

Inverted Installation:

With mirror camera settings, this CCTV camera gives you comfort to install in inverted positon or side postion on the wall with camera flip options.

Playback options:

If you are not able to monitor your place all time, you can playback the video if any mess happened around your premise.

Pros and Cons:



Simple to install

1080px HD view

Remote monitoring option

2 way commnuication

360 degree view


No Memory storage support above 64 GB

Total rating: 9462

2. Tp link Cam | 2Mp camera, 1080px Resolutions

Best wifi camera for Baby monitor



Product Features:

  • Smooth Pan and Tilt motion( 360 Degree Horizontal, 114 degree Vertical)
  • High Defination Video resolution
  • Night Visual view upto 30 ft
  • 128 Gb Memory Card support
  • Motion Detection and Notifications
  • Live casting
  • Two way audio

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Product Descriptions:

Smooth Pan and Tilt Motion:

Smooth Pan and tilt motion of the camera give complete view of avery corner of the room without missing blindspot

HD Defination:

It will give you clear visual to examine the security of your place without any visual distraction

Extended Memory Support:

Extended Memory support provides you options to store and view Camera visual after certain time period like One month without checking every time.

Motion capturing and Notifications:

Motion capturing technology in this device gives you security alerts whenever any miss is happening.

Live casting:

You can view the visual live without any delay which makes you Safe and secure without any concerns about Your home or office

Two  way Communication:

Two audio give you option to communicate without people on other side( with Workers in your shop or your family member)

Pros and Cons



  • Good body built
  • It will automatically connect to the wifi if any power off and on happend
  • It will record visual when the wifi is not working
  • You can store the videos in App without inserting memory into laptop
  • Private mode is availble to stop video recording
  • You can see the recording from multiple devices with login details


  • Lack of Cloud storage

Customer reviews:

4/ 5 ( 11, 442 ratings)

3.TP-Link Tapo C100 | 360 degree View, HD recording


Best wifi camera for home security
Best wifi camera for home security


Product Features:

  • HD video recording
  • Motion capturing and notifications
  • Sound and Light alarms
  • Advanced Night Visions
  • Safe storage ( upto 128GB)
  • Easy setup and management

Product descriptions:

Tp Links is one the Best CCTV Camera for home in India 2021, which provides you clear visual around your places and alerts you whenever any mess is happens in your area through In app notifications( light and sound alerts) and you can store memorable moments on your phones through App.

Pros and Cons


Pros of TP-Link Tapo C100:

  • Great Video Quality
  • Budget friendly
  • Expandable Storage options
  • Options to store recording from app without reaching Camera for Memory card
  • 360 Degree view
  • Can record Audio along with Video
  • It will record and store visuals on Memory card if the wifi is not connected


  • Cloud storage is not Available
  • Delay of 1-2 seconds while giving live visuals

Previous Customer ratings:

4 out of 5 ( 11.442 )

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